What Public Safety Agencies Should Know About Operating Under A Certificate Of Authorization (COA)

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Drones are proving increasingly popular among public safety agencies. Bard College’s Center for the Study of the Drone estimates that more than 350 law enforcement agencies have already incorporated drones into their operations. This trend will undoubtedly continue, especially among small and mid-size departments who have been historically unable to afford fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft assets. Drone systems provide many …

Commercial Drone in Mountains

3 Ways Drones are Changing the Environment

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Drones continue to demonstrate their usefulness to environmentalists. Compared to a fixed or rotary wing aircraft, the purchase price and operating expenses for a UAS are considerably less, even when funds are scarce. Drones are quieter, can get closer, and can loiter over environmental target areas for longer periods than fixed wing aircrafts. Additionally, thermal imagery and video allow environmental …

6 Examples of Drones and Law Enforcement

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Law enforcement and public safety agencies around the world are continuing to recognize that small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) save lives and protect property. Whether aiding in relief efforts after deadly hurricanes, investigating auto accidents, or protecting environmental resources, drones have proven their worth to the public. This trend will undoubtedly continue as drones become smaller, cheaper, more capable and …

FAA to Restrict Drones Over Landmarks

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On October 5th, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will begin restricting drone flights over ten landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty. According to the FAA, the regulations come at the request of U.S. national security and law enforcement agencies. Drone flights will be restricted at these ten Department of the Interior (DOI) sites: Although the FAA has placed similar airspace …

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Drones Aiding Disaster Relief

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As many civilians in the south braced for impact from Hurricane Harvey and Irma, FAA approved drone pilots were preparing their drones for disaster relief missions. Unmanned aerial systems are extremely useful during natural disasters for many reasons. An aerial perspective allows first responders to gain critical situational awareness in a fast-paced environment. Drones equipped with thermal imaging can be …

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U.S. Army to cease use of DJI products

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The pentagon has officially ordered the U.S. Army to stop using all products made by Chinese manufacturer DJI due to cyber vulnerabilities. According to a U.S. Department of the Army memo, obtained by sUAS News, the Army Research Laboratory reported “user vulnerabilities” associated with DJI drones almost two months ago. However, the news was kept classified until now. DJI, which …

9 Frequently Asked Drone Questions

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With 117,000,000 results for “drones” on google, we’re willing to bet our Mavic Pro that you’ve heard at least something about them. And, if you’ve read our drone industry trends blog post, then you know that drones aren’t just a fad. But, if you still have questions about drones don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve created this blog post to …