Protecting your investment from the unseen is than ever before.

Planet Inhouse offers the best solutions for aerial infrared inspections, locating leak sources, and targeting problem areas with precision. 

We provide faster and more accurate results at the fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Our services allow for quicker setup and inspections, which saves your business time and money. 

Not only are our services more cost efficient than traditional methods, but they are safer as well. We are able to inspect areas that would be otherwise dangerous such as high-rise buildings, steep sloped roofs, towers, and much more. 

We provide non-invasive, detailed reports using high quality infrared and aerial equipment. This allows us to quickly locate problem areas and moisture that might otherwise go unseen. 

Our team of FAA certified pilots and ANSI/ASNT certified thermographers capture detailed, air-to-ground thermal images and deliver an accurate, quantitative, and a comprehensive analysis of any structure or facility. Our live reporting and extensive data collection can be used to provide information for repair evaluations and bid assessments.

uas roof thermal roofing inspection
thermal image of chimeny
uas thermal imaging of roof inspection

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