UAS Training Programs

Planet Inhouse, Inc. is a world-leading provider of UAS consulting and training.

We deliver reliable and highly respected training for a growing number of corporations, public safety and governments around the world. We provide the finest professional training through a total commitment to excellence in all phases of instruction, from classroom to hands-on training.

Our superior curriculums stress safety, decision-making, best practices, hands-on experience and a strong classroom educational foundation. Planet Inhouse, Inc. curriculums include custom course plans tailored to your specific industry.

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FAA Part 107 Training

Our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 training curriculum exceeds all aeronautical knowledge factors outlined by the FAA and teaches you everything you need to know to earn your remote pilot certificate.

Learn fundamental safety practices

Understand the Federal Aviation Regulations for UAS operations

Gain essential knowledge about the importance of pre-flight inspections

Learn how to identify and prevent hazards associated with UAS operations

Learn human factors and aeronautical decision making best practices

DJI M210 drone

Public Safety Drone Training

This course is designed to teach law enforcement officers and fire/rescue entities how to effectively integrate UAS into their organization.

We will assist you in implementing safety procedures required to receive Certificate of Authorization/Waiver (COAs). A blanket COA allows flights in otherwise restricted airspace, as well as self-certification of the UAS pilots in your department, and the ability to obtain emergency COAs under certain circumstances.

The Planet Inhouse, Inc. training team is dedicated to helping your department successfully initiate and run a UAS operation.

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