The drone revolution is here – and it’s just the beginning [Infographic]

planetinhousewp Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

By now, you’ve probably noticed the many news articles about drones. From deliveries to public safety, unmanned aerial systems are just about everywhere. More and more people are participating in training and implementing drones into their industries.

So, you may be wondering if drones are just a fad or if they’re here to stay. In this infographic, we’ll explore the evolving drone industry and take a look at their predicted impact – spoiler alert: it’s huge.

Drone Industry Infographic

Infographic Summary

  • Drones are expected to be an $100 billion-dollar market by 2020.
  • California, Florida, and Texas are the top states with the most Part 107 Remote Pilots. Other top states include New York, Colorado, Washington, Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, and Arizona.
  • Almost 3 million consumer and commercial drones will be shipped in 2017.
  • There is expected to be more than 420,000 licensed commercial drone pilots by 2021.
  • The top requested waiver application in 2016 was night operations. Other frequently requested waivers include operations over people and beyond visible line of sight flying.
  • DJI, SenseFly, and 3DR were the most used drones by DroneDeploy users.
  • Drones are expected to create more than 100,000 jobs.
  • Some of the top UAS uses in 2016 were construction, agriculture, public safety, and real estate. Other top uses include aerial photography and insurance.
  • The fastest growth opportunity comes from the commercial/civil drone market.
  • Pilots must pass the FAA Part 107 exam to fly commercially.

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