3 Reasons Why Commercial Drone Operations Are Exploding

planetinhousewp Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

A variety of industries have already begun regularly using drones due to their many benefits like capturing high-quality images, collecting data, and entering areas that humans are unable too. However, this is just the start for the commercial drone market, which is expected to grow nearly 6000% by 2020.

1. Safe
Unmanned aerial systems make it easy to safely perform inspections, especially in the roofing and construction industries. Traditional methods require workers to physically access areas like tall buildings and steeply sloped roofs. Aerial inspections eliminate the need for workers to enter dangerous areas, which reduces the numbers of injuries.

2. Precise Data Collection
Drones can fly at high elevations and distinct angles to capture high-quality data for a variety of needs. For example, high-resolution cameras can produce professional images for unique marketing campaigns. Furthermore, thermal imaging can be used to inspect buildings for anomalies like water damage. Precise real time data can be used in search and rescue situations to spot things that the human eye may have missed.

3. Cost Efficient
Surveys and mapping can be performed at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. For example, a case study by the Bureau of Land Management found that a survey of the Sandhill Crane population cost $35,000 by a manned aircraft and $2,600 by unmanned aircraft. Drones are also more cost efficient than traditional methods for inspections as well. Using a UAS for inspections eliminates the need to rent or purchase expensive equipment such as ladders and aerial lifts. In addition, drone-based inspections rarely require shutting down production.

Commercial drone services provide a wide variety of a benefits to many different industries. New uses for drones are being discovered every day, while technology is always improving. In resulting, we’ve just scratched the surface of what drones have to offer us.